Steel Ammunition Bunkers

VK Enterprises

VK Enterprises is now a leading name in Steel Ammunition Bunkers. A bunker is a defensive military fortification designed to be used at border areas to protect militants. It is designed in such a way that militants can sit inside it and also can use it for keeping an eye on the enemies and can also attack on them when necessary. Its walls are bullet proof which intend prevents the militants from falling bombs and other attacks.

Steel bunkers are made up of Galvanized steel sheets. Building material consist of sand and aggregate. Precast Concrete Blocks are casted using mixtures of Cement Concrete and cast in forms of Moulds. The block contains two layers of reinforcement using expanded metal sheet. Faces of blocks are flat and rectangular, opposite faces are parallel and all arises be square. The end of the blocks which form the vertical joints are plain butt. Fabrication is done in the best possible manner and all necessary mild steel ties, straps, etc are done accordingly.