Solar Water Heater

VK Enterprises

VK Enterprises is an organization that is attempting to solve this worldwide problem. It is one of the best and top solar water heaters manufacturing companies in India. Based out of Bathinda and established in the year 1988, VK Enterprises has grown from a modest customer base across the country. Now days Solar Water Heater is one of the necessary resources in our country. It generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel and helps us to saves huge amount of electricity. The Domestic Solar Water Heater is slowly but surely becoming a popular option for the community. Since they depend solely on the sun rays, solar domestic geysers are required to be kept outdoors in open spaces like terraces with ample space and naturally, no shade.

  • Generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel

  • Negligible scaling of tube

  • High quality vacuum tubes to minimize heat loss

  • Efficient performance in winters

  • Compact size, low height & lightweight

  • Huge saving on electricity

  • Is easy to install, easy to use, maintain and eco- friendly